Web Development

In today’s world, full of dramatic changes in recent times, there is almost no way to create a new startup business without a website or web service. When launching your new business, your customers will probably want to browse your site and find out what kind of goods and services you offer. And the more creative and informative your web representation will be, the more it will be in demand among potential customers and the higher ratings and more positive responses it will have.

As you know, web development comprises front-end and back-end development the main function of which is to create and support web projects. Viaduct’s web developers are responsible for the planning process, technical issues of websites’ maintenance, their performance and efficiency. Besides, they take meticulous care of designing visual interfaces and creating appealing content. We apply a great scope of new technologies and programming languages in our web development.

The Viaduct’s team is not afraid to take new complicated challenges in web development, always try to find attractive solutions and reach the best results making our customers’ ideas into reality. We appreciate our clients’ trust and feel excited about receiving positive feedback. No doubt, the future of web development is endless, and the demand for websites and web platforms will continue to grow.

Programming languages PHP, JavaScript, Python, Swift, Java
Front-end frameworks ReactJS, React Native, VueJS
Back-end frameworks Laravel, Yii2, Symfony, CodeIgniter
Databases MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
CMS WordPress, Shopify, Kirby
Infrastructure AWS, Digital Ocean