Vinovest It's time to invest in fine wine!

Have you ever made any investments? And in what? We all got used to the idea to invest our financial resources in bank deposits, stocks, bonds, precious metals, residential and commercial properties. But can you imagine to invest money in wine?

Tech Stack React JS Framework
Timeline 10 months of dedicated work
Team Ivan Barabanshchykov, Michail Uryvalkin, Aleksandr Sinyaev

Recently Viaduct has had a great opportunity and unforgettable experience to work with Vinovest (Los Angeles, California). Vinovest is a unique innovative digital platform that allows people all over the world to invest in rare and fine wine. Such investment is really unusual but at the same time has great potential today as we can see incredible demand for wine. Only in the last 12 months, the number of customers using Vinovest platform has increased about 1900%.
So is it worth investing in wine? We suppose – yes! As Zhang himself says, “If worse comes to worst, you can always drink it.”
Anthony Zhang is CEO and Cofounder of Vinovest. This young man in his early twenties was granted $100,000 for his first startup instead of continuing his studies in college. That uncertain venture and a number of obstacles and barriers on his way didn’t stop him from launching this business.
Today the Vinovest wine investing platform provides a variety of possibilities for investors. A minimum investment is $1,000. Vinovest deprives you of all the problems associated with building a fine wine portfolio (selection, storage, insurance, shipping etc.). Moreover, professional Master Sommeliers can help their clients select wine and organize tasting events for their investors.


Vinovest needed a development team that could design and implement the front-end of the platform. Viaduct was in charge of developing the front-end (using the React JS framework), while the back-end development was maintained by the team from the USA, with which the Viaduct team built a transparent communication system to resolve all emerging issues.


The Viaduct team decided to use the React JS framework as the basis. The development progressed well and according to the plan.
Among the big tasks that were successfully implemented are the following:
Connecting endpoints of numerous graphics and analytics.
Connecting to the Contentful system and adjusting its settings.
Migrating a separate instance to Webflow, etc.


Vinovest was a challenging project lasting for 10 months. The Viaduct team were always in contact with Vinovest through regular chat sessions and calls trying to fulfill all the requirements in a positive work environment and teamwork. The platform is functioning well now and there’re no complaints regarding its performance.
“The Vinovest team have been overwhelmingly happy with our work, and they are grateful that we got them to where they are at now. We helped them develop into a full-fledged startup. When we first started there were 6 people working with the project at Vinovest. Now there are over 30 people. It’s pretty common for startups who get larger funding rounds to bring all their resources in-house. Leaving Vinovest on good terms there is always potential that they will reach back to us for further work,” says Robyn Ong (CEO and Founder of BeanMachine), partner of Viaduct.
As far as we know, in the last 12 months the number of customers using the Vinovest platform has increased about 1900%. So we will be happily and closely following the successful growth of Vinovest.