Restaurant Sommelier AI wine and food assistant

Viaduct developed an AI assistant tool that matches the perfect wines to complement the restaurant menu and customers' tastes.

Restaurant Sommelier is an innovative platform designed to revolutionize the restaurant wine pairing experience. It offers an AI-driven sommelier tool that matches wines to menu items and customer preferences.

Key Features

  • AI Sommelier Tool: Expertly pairs wines with menu items based on customer tastes.
  • Subscription Plans: Offers monthly and annual subscription options tailored to different restaurant sizes.
  • QR Code Integration: Restaurants can print QR codes for customers to scan, providing easy access to wine recommendations.
  • Customer Insights: Provides analytics on QR scans, helping restaurants understand customer engagement.


  • Subscription Selection: Choose a suitable subscription plan.
  • Wine Menu Input: Enter details of the restaurant’s wine offerings.
  • QR Code Setup: Place QR codes in strategic locations within the restaurant.
  • Analytics Review: Monitor and analyze customer interactions through the platform.

Restaurant Sommelier enhances the dining experience with personalized AI-driven wine recommendations, simplifying the pairing process for staff and delighting guests. It also provides valuable analytics, offering insights into customer preferences and behaviors. This data helps restaurants manage inventory better and tailor marketing strategies, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.