Storyline Create an event and share it with your friends and family

What is an event? Let’s say you had a birthday - this is an event, and you invited friends to it, and after a fun event, there are a lot of memories in a photo and video format. Storyline helps users share media memories in events by posting photos and videos of each other, as well as commenting them.

Front-end Java Script, React.js, React Redux Saga
Back-end Laravel, Asgard

Social networks are attractive due to the ease of communication and information exchange, as well as the creation of common interests with other people. Our pages in social networks are more and more replenished with numerous photos and videos. Obviously, we want to share the memorable and exciting moments of our lives. Therefore, we edit photos, write witty captions, comment on other people’s photos.


Storyline needed a skillful team of software developers to develop a mobile app for a social network. Viaduct was responsible for the front-end development.


The Viaduct team decided to write front-end in Java Script using React.js library and React Redux Saga technology to control side effects and API requests. The development progressed well and according to the plan.


The project was written in about 1500 working hours. At this stage it is in Alpha testing to make sure that everything meets the requirements and functions correctly, accurately and efficiently. The Viaduct team do all possible to make the customer satisfied with the result.