Sleeper Designed to help you feel beautiful A good business always starts with a good idea. That’s how Sleeper started back in 2014 in Kyiv. Kate Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa, who had the idea to create elegant sleepwear made using natural fabrics that didn’t break the bank. The women also had another very specific aim — to create nightwear that crossed over into the outside world, into our everyday wardrobes.
Programming languages PHP, JavaScript
Back-end frameworks WordPress, WooCommerce

Nowadays Sleeper doesn’t brand itself as a Ukrainian label, but it is one of the most successful labels to come out of the country.

A new modern take on Sleeper’s online store. An exquisite sleepwear brand needed an online store to match and that was exactly what we did. The design is clean, modern, responsive, and puts products in the main spotlight. The new store is based on the robust WooCommerce back-end and features multilingual and multi-currency support for customers from different regions.

Project challenges

Back in 2014 Sleeper started with entering the online market of Ukraine and the rest of the world. Viaduct team was the one who developed the initial website taking into account the following:

  • the platform required high stability and fast page load time even with a significantly growing number of visitors;
  • the dashboard should be easy to surf and maintain;
  • in short terms without causing any inconvenience to the existing users and without organic traffic losses;
  • GDPR compliance;
  • integration of enterprise and online orders;
  • automation of planning process at Sleeper enterprise;
  • implementation of different payment methods.


The Viaduct team offered a combination of WordPress and Woocommerce stack. That allowed Sleeper to:

  • optimize page load speed and facilitate indexing of the new pages;
  • implemented the user’s profile. When logged in, users can customize their orders, select the news categories they want to see and switch off the categories they are not interested in;
  • installed Google Analytics and Tag Manager. Collect and process necessary data;
  • created a custom admin panel with a content management system to manage all types of users, add and edit various types of content and moderate new content submitted by users;
  • developed a custom ERP system built in PHP (Laravel) that linked the online store with the production team. Increased effectiveness of management and internal audit. It included the ability to control the warehouse of materials and products, organize the procurement of materials, manage each individual stage of production, as well as collect statistics and analytical tools to improve production efficiency.


• Responsive web app for guests and users;
• Custom admin panel with CMS functionality;
• Effective sales management;
• Cost decrease and Improved Efficiency;
• PayPal, AfterPay.

Prices for similar work:
• Starting with 700 hrs in length
• Can be assigned up to 3 developers

Projects such as Sleeper has a lot of nuances and details, so it is hard to be accurate when it comes to quotes and estimates. So while these numbers are closest to the truth, they might vary.