Mobile Development

Viaduct is experienced enough in developing mobile applications of any complexity in various industries. We are well aware that all our customers are too busy to think about selecting the best and most suitable mobile application framework for the needs of their business.

Our competent team of software developers are flexible to make correct and accurate decisions in the scope of the daunting tasks set by our clients. We provide full-circle mobile development services taking into account business analysis, time to market, development and maintenance costs, recruitment, app performance, feature availability and risks.

Our mobile designers apply a wide pool of tools and modern technologies, and programming languages. Viaduct takes any challenge and tries to find the right solution to it foreseeing how it can help our customers lead their business to high efficiency, prosperity and success.

Programming languages Swift, Java, Javascript
Frameworks ReactJS, React Native, Apache Cordova
Back-end frameworks Laravel, NodeJS, Yii2, Symfony, CodeIgniter
Databases MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
Infrastructure AWS, Digital Ocean