UX/UI Design

Excellent and eye-catching UX/UI design is unrealizable without good mutual communication and constant collaboration among designers, users and clients. The distinction between UX and UI design is like the difference between building and decorating a house. The major challenge of UX/UI design is to follow the latest trends to satisfy the client and inspire the user.

Our UX/UI design elaboration is organized in a meticulous and efficient way. At first, our designers interview the customer and carry out an effective research, define the target user and conduct testing. The Viaduct team of developers take the responsibility for the product design, its functionality, adaptability, usability and the emotions it evokes in the client and user.

The UX designers determine the best way to competently locate interface elements, then make the most effective prototype, and see how the user interface will operate correctly and productively. The UI team adapt the interface design to fit the new concept and layout to look visually aesthetical, coherent, readable and understandable.

Tools Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator