About us

We are an IT company, based in Ukraine, with an office right in the center of Kyiv, Ukraine

Benefits to work with us
Wide expertise

Project expertise is a time-consuming and responsible process. Our team conducts a wide examination and thorough analysis of the software product for compliance with customer requirements, find out inconsistencies, complexities and causes of their occurrence.

Project estimation

The estimate of an IT project is a labor-intensive process. Before starting a project, it is important to figure out what the final software product will look like in terms of the client’s expectations. All we need is one sentence, then our team expands on your idea, ask some questions, prepare a project plan and estimate the time and price of the MVP or the full product. If you have already thought everything out, then we can conduct an audit, work on additional features and integrate them.

Smooth start

We do our utmost for a successful start of the project. Our project managers hold productive pre-launch meetings, create detailed schedules, and collaborate closely with the team and client. From our profound experience, we know how important coherence and thorough preparation from the very beginning of the project, a deep understanding of what needs to be done in order to achieve the intended goals.

Topnotch control

Control is a non-stop process of tracking, analyzing and managing the progress of the project. Our responsible project managers professionally carry out monitoring and control of the implementation of the project, constantly interact with the client and team, identify and make adjustments in time and budget, prepare regular reports. We try our best to make our clients satisfied with the result, by meeting fixed deadlines and achieving all set goals.

Always delivered

Any project is a kind of journey in which we and the client are in regular contact. Our team tries to take into account all possible obstacles and challenges in advance, so as not to stretch the project time-frame and sacrifice the budget. Our project managers define clear business requirements, know how to behave in complex situations, fully control the project implementation process.

Anton Kudashov Founder & CEO
Serhii Moskalik CTO
Aliaksei Zhurauliou COO
Alexey Gorodok Back-end engineer
Michail Uryvalkin Back-end engineer
Iryna Hryshanova Back-end engineer
Roman Bartushak Front-end engineer
Yana Naryshkina Partner relationship manager
Tetiana Kobyliakova Front-end engineer
Andrey Harmash Front-end engineer
Ivan Barabanshchykov iOS engineer
Pavel Naradovy Front-end engineer
Vlad Sobko UI/UX designer
Roman Sulzhyk Back-end engineer
Dmitry Soloshenko iOS engineer
Artsiom Masiakin Back-end engineer
Arsen Baliuk Front-end engineer
Bohdan Okhrymenko Front-end engineer
Maxim Svirsky Front-end engineer
Andrey Kovba Back-end engineer
Stas Tanasiychuk Recruiter
Sergey Pavlyuk Project manager
Andrey Bozhko Sales development representative
Serhii Zaiets Front-end engineer
Oleksii Grishanov QA engineer
Geographical advantage

Ukraine has a very unique position in the world’s software market. A large number of qualified workers, a favorable ecosystem and an advantageous location in the heart of Europe allow us to be at the forefront of modern technologies. In addition to this, good communication skills and a Western mindset give us a business-oriented view and a focus on quality results.

A little about us

We are a small team, which helps us stay flexible. Not only that, but more than 10 years of experience in the field of product and service development gives us a great advantage when it comes to things like quick decision-making. Since we worked with people all over the world, we are used to having vast time differences with our clients and adapting our communications for their comfort. We worked with companies from the US, Canada, UK, most of Europe and Israel.

Hundreds of successful projects and millions of dollars in turnover speak for themselves. We work with eCommerce, insurance services with an online subscription model, various mobile applications from real estate to self-care, etc. We see potential in every field of business, and each one gives an opportunity to both use our knowledge and experience, as well as try and create something completely new.

Why should you believe that we can take good care of your project?

We are an IT company, based in Ukraine, with an office right in the center of Kyiv. Thanks to our solid teamwork, we always finish the projects we are given. The main reasons for our success are good communication at all stages of the project and regular feedback from the team. Our objective is to not only get the list of required tasks but also conduct a business analysis of the field in question, create a detailed roadmap, form the most optimal crew and progress through regular milestones, each of which after finishing gets check-in with the backlog and a thorough report to the stakeholders of the project.

What does it feel like working with us?

We are a team of experienced engineers, designers and managers. Our delivery department follows the latest practices of project management, which allows us to minimize the chances of any issues occurring on any stage of the project, quickly discover new requirements and adapt the development process to the modern demands of the market.

What is the development process like?

Our responsibilities include business and project analysis, solution architecture, UI/UX development, programming, testing and maintenance. Regular reviews and reports allow us to always keep all processes under control.

Will we be able to do what we are asked?

We understand that our clients are busy people. Asking a few key pre-prepared questions, we perfectly understand all the tasks set by the client. We do not just identify the customer’s desires and expectations, but also try to surpass them.

Details regarding past cases

Another reason for our success is the diversity of our team. Aside from an engineering background, many members studied or worked in all kinds of fields: economy, analytics, education, marketing, movie production. We have graduate students from Ukraine’s top universities, which helps us to quickly react and tackle challenges and effectively automate processes in various business domains.