E-commerce is a massive field and part of our life where we purchase or sell goods or services online. E-commerce has expanded dramatically in recent years and this booming industry will definitely continue to grow much bigger in retail and wholesale market in the future.

We all benefit from e-commerce, as our products and services are now so easy to discover and purchase all day from almost everywhere in the world. Buying different goods online is becoming not only very popular but also very addictive. In e-commerce opportunities available are vast. Shopping is often done on mobile phones, and payment is all virtual. Most of the e-commerce growth is coming from mobile apps. This immense shopping revolution is going on in a great number of countries. What drives us to buy more goods today than ever before? These can be fashion and celebrity news, different blogs. But what is more interesting is that most people do not have any particular reason to buy, because they just like searching various products by browsing mobile or websites and buy whatever they see and like.

We are sure that the growth of e-commerce will continue to grow in the future giving everyone a great chance to build their own successful careers and businesses. The Viaduct team provides successful and innovative tools in software development to keep your audience engaged. We can suggest a great number of ideas what kind of apps, plug-ins and integrations to use or to add into your e-commerce websites or platforms. There is no e-commerce site or platform that we cannot create. The Viaduct team is an expert whose experience will not leave you unsatisfied and find a solution to any daunting challenge.

Programming languages PHP, JavaScript, Python, Swift, Java
Front-end frameworks ReactJS, React Native, VueJS
Back-end frameworks Laravel, Yii2, Symfony, CodeIgniter
Databases MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
CMS WordPress+WooCommerce, Shopify
Infrastructure AWS, Digital Ocean