Rookiemaker Moving society towards preventive healthcare The American sports industry is massive, bringing in billions of revenue every year. But one of the disadvantages of such an industry is that it is hard to make a name for yourself. It always comes down to relentlessness, connections, and luck. Rookiemaker wants to improve the chances for an athlete to get noticed and succeed in this race.
Programming languages PHP, JavaScript
Front-end frameworks React Native
Back-end frameworks Laravel

Rookiemaker is an app that will allow the user to input all their stats, activities, and achievements in order to present themselves and compare their data with other athletes. This potentially can aid both sportsmen and managers with the recruitment process.

Regarding the tech stack, Laravel was used for the back-end, React-Native for the front. At this point, the app includes auto-login, stats input (sport type, height, weight), weekly activity updates for the profile, data transfer, and display of analytics, as well as a scoreboard. Also, custom inputs for data were created for things like carousels and rollers, as well as partial offline functionality of the app.

Right now the Viaduct team has finished an MVP version. We were in charge of the wireframes, while a different agency provided the designs. There were some issues at the beginning due to some features and mechanics not functioning well with the provided designs, since those arrived later on after the first prototype was made. But all of the inconsistencies were taken care of and everything functions as it should.

At this point, we are waiting for the client’s feedback, but overall, Rookiemaker is a very ambitious project that holds significant potential and can make a big impact in the sports industry.