GFK App to find a doctor

Digital technologies have played a large role in the advancement of medicine. Today, there are hundreds of medical mobile applications out there that are useful for both doctors and patients. From monitoring your health, to purchasing medicine, making appointments with doctors, and keeping track of medical records, these apps have made healthcare more available and convenient.

Tech Stack PHP, Native iOS and Native Android for mobile app, Swift, Java, Push Notifications, Deep Linking.
Team Ivan Barabanshchykov, Michail Uryvalkin, Aleksandr Sinyaev

According to expert forecasts, the number of users of such medical programs and applications will continue to grow exponentially. This is why healthcare professionals rely on such applications that will give them the ability to better communicate with patients, optimize their time, and develop new innovative medical practices.


GFK set a task for the Viaduct team to create a mobile application for users who wish to find a specialist in the care or recovery of a person after an injury or illness. The app needed to facilitate quick communication between the patient and their preferred doctor, nurse, and/or therapist.

Medical specialists who have certifications in medication management, post-surgery care and chronic illness care, needed a way to advertise their services, make house calls to patients, and schedule appointments. Doctors and nurses could also benefit from a better way to find and care for patients and keep tabs on their medical records. On the patient side, the app would require a robust search function that would allow users to find and hire certified medical professionals to make house calls for temporary or ongoing care. Users would also need a secure messaging system in order to communicate with their caregivers at any time, directly through the app.


Viaduct team built out the back-end for both Native iOS and Native Android applications to create the functionality for:
· Account creation
· Client / Caregiver search function
· Built in chat / messaging system
· Appointment management
· Scheduling
· Care requirements
· Consolidation of medical records
· Caregiver profile
· Rate and Review system


● The app, built for nurses and doctors under the agency’s (aka the client’s) network to ensure quality of care, meets all the requirements regarding the scope and timeline.
● Payment processing is completely independent of the app.
● Patients will be able to have multiple caregivers at the same time.
● Patients can rate and review the care they receive, and the data will be sent to the Caregiver’s Agency.
● The Agency will then have the opportunity to review feedback and approve, deny, or delete reviews and ratings from Caregiver Profiles.