Update The dating app for grown-ups Dating apps are all the rage right now, allowing anyone to find a partner for any kind of relationship they are searching for. One of the biggest selling points is the variety, regardless of what exact requirements you have, it’s more than likely that there’s an app that will fit that niche. And one of those niches will be filled by Update.
Programming languages Swift, PHP
Cloud solution AWS EC2, S3, RDS
API Stripe, Twilio
iOS libraries UIKit, Alamofire, MapKit
Back-end frameworks Laravel

Update is a matching app for people who wish to settle down and have a more serious relationship. It allows chat, picture-sharing, and provides matches based on the user’s preferences and previous matches, an anti-ghosting mechanism to prevent users to leave conversations without reasoning, push-notification system.

Aside from the design, which was provided by a company from Rivne called “Habitat”, Update is entirely made by the Viaduct team. Our specialist Mikhail is in charge of the back end using Laravel, while Ivan works on the front end and uses Swift. Most of the main features are already integrated, such as chat and picture-sharing, auto-login, profile filling with preferences for matching search, and proposed matches depending on users’ preferences and location.

Update will be a great addition to the dating app market, providing a place for an older generation to find someone for a long-lasting relationship.