Neutra Journalism from all over the world. Without ads, tracking or algorithms. Being informed of what is happening in the world can be considered one of the most important things in our day and age. Usually, this is not considered to be a problem — there are more than enough means to get information quickly and without much hassle. But lately, the main issue arrived in the form of relentless marketing that comes from the news sources. While it is understandable that ads and data collecting is something they need to do in order to stay profitable, this doesn’t make it any less annoying. That’s what Neutra was built to resolve.
Programming languages Swift, JavaScript
Back-end frameworks NodeJS, Strapi

Neutra is a multi-language mobile app whose main function is gathering news articles from various sources. But what makes it stand out from other similar apps is the absence of ads and any data gathering from the user.

Viaduct was in charge of developing the front-end, while the client themselves took care of the back-end. While the overall work took about 4-5 months, there was a brief hiatus in the middle of development due to some legal work that needed to be done. Overall, the development process went quite smoothly, without any issues. Our specialist Ivan used Swift for his work, providing the app with a nice, intuitive UI, as well as fast and springy animations that guarantee a comfortable experience for the user.

No massive third-party libraries were used on the front-end part during development (in fact only 1 library was used for Markdown parsing and that’s all). The back-end used NodeJS, Strapi and Cheerio Crawler, bringing fast loading speeds, the absence of third-party libraries and the ability to fetch new materials even in the background state.

Overall, Neutra is a finely-made app for people who wish to get the latest news without the usual annoyances and with the user’s privacy in mind.