Engineer's story no pain, no gain

“No pain, no gain” is Alexey Gorodok’s motto. This sociable self-motivated young man has set many tasks in his life and persistently goes towards his aims successfully handling any difficult situations.

“Since childhood, I was greatly interested in computers and information technologies and dreamed of becoming a professional software engineer. And my dream came true! I graduated from National Aviation University and got two qualifications in “Micro-Nano Electronics” and “Economics and Entrepreneurship” areas.

Since 2017 I have been working for Viaduct as a Software Developer specializing in Coding, Mentoring Junior Backend Developers, DevOps Work, and Database Architecture. I was full of enthusiasm when I started working at Viaduct and decided to devote myself completely to the development, establish application development processes at a high level and implement new and improved technologies in the development process of our company.
Viaduct with my active participation launched several successful applications, for example, HyperDocs Academy. I learned how to configure AWS servers and connect other Amazon services (S3, RDS, Route53). Together with the other members of our team I studied and developed a project on Symfony 4 Framework and began studying and developing a project in Node.js and TypeScript.

Besides working hard at our company I have different hobbies like traveling, hiking, fishing, and playing the guitar and try to devote my spare time to my interests at every opportunity. And I have so many dreams to turn into reality!”