Founder's story the music path

Anton Kudashov is a hands-on Chief Executive Officer with expertise in software development, e-commerce entrepreneurship, project management, and operations. With his marketing experience, exceptional programming skills and determination, Anton developed a strong foundation for his software development company, Viaduct.

In 2005, Anton established his online business to capitalize on what he saw as an emerging Ukrainian e-commerce market. In 2008, Anton began his career as a software developer and took on his first projects relating to the Ukrainian fashion industry. For almost a decade, Anton’s innate ability to build and manage high-performing teams has catalyzed his business’ growth, which was built on collaboration with freelance contractors.

In 2011, Anton capitalized on his years of e-commerce entrepreneurial expertise by launching his own software company, turning Viaduct into an internationally recognized software developer for e-commerce web and mobile applications. With over 100 enterprises in the company’s portfolio, Viaduct provides robust web and mobile solutions with a scalable architecture that has proven impactful on business growth. Under Anton’s guidance, Viaduct maintains partnerships with Johnson & Johnson, Rocket Internet, Mercedes-Benz, and other internationally recognized brands.

As of 2023, Anton’s focus rests on e-commerce business consulting and managing Viaduct’s top-tier business partnerships. Forty engineers and designers currently operate out of Viaduct’s Kyiv office.

What helps to keep balance in life?

“Music was my passion since the school years. I learned how to play the guitar on my own and by the time I started my education at university, I was playing the electric guitar in a band.”, — says Anton Kudashov.

Not only that, but Anton visited 26-countries during tours with different bands, covering most of Europe.

“Most people think that being in a band and going on a tour is all about partying, flying on a private jet or riding a giant bus from concert to concert without much trouble. But it’s not like that at all, especially for indie bands. It can get pretty rough, our bus broke down countless times, we missed several performances because of that. The conditions may be brutal sometimes and you are barely making ends meet. But it was still an amazing experience. Nothing can substitute that feeling of getting in front of the crowd, feeling their energy and playing your heart out. That’s what kept us going. And I try to keep this drive in everything I do, including Viaduct. Because I’m sure that if you give your best if you tackle hardships head-on, you are bound to achieve something great.”