React engineer how to achieve goals

Roman Bartushak is a front-end developer (ReactJS) at Viaduct. He’s a calm, modest young man with a clear vision about his future and how to achieve his life goals.

“Hi! My name’s Roman. In the past, I had 2 years of commercial experience. But when my friend suggested me to study programming, in particular, front-end development, I didn’t hesitate for a minute, because I clearly understand that the impact of information technology on human life is great and has a constant growth. My responsibilities at work are to rewrite the source code, make it compatible with the latest updates, develop new features, and share my knowledge with the other members of our team. I like the warm atmosphere at Viaduct and the opportunities to choose those technologies that fit perfectly. In the nearest future, I dream of becoming a full-stack developer.

In my spare time, I like traveling by car and see unknown places, and together with my fellow men we often go hiking and camping. We’re fond of swimming, fishing and cooking something on a campfire. Free time keeps me going.”