PM's story the academic path

It’s never too late to learn! Please meet our PM Dr. Aliaksei Zhurauliou who is also a Professor at Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture.

“Teaching Economics became a part of my life back in 2008 after I got my Master’s degree. It was an interesting feeling since I was still quite green, but I needed to show the ropes to people who usually weren’t that less experienced than me. I still remember the first student whose paper I was supervising. He was older than me and I studied all of his materials more thoroughly than my own!

Another interesting experience was teaching economics to students from philosophy and language majors. They have a very different mindset and sometimes come up with concepts and ideas that are completely outside of the box. Nowadays it’s a little different, but similar at the same time. I love interacting with my students, teaching them and sometimes still learning from them. I believe that this helps me immensely to better communicate in general. In everyday life, at work, we always meet new people and being able to easily break the ice, find the best method to engage a person, is a powerful skill.”