Michail's story explore something new

Michail is an experienced back-end engineer at Viaduct. He’s a nice and easygoing person, who learns very fast and work with passion and great attention to detail. He graduated from Chernihiv National University of Technology, the Department of Information Technologies and Systems with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering.

Michail started his career in IT in 2013. Since that time he’s worked on a great number of complex projects for reputable companies from different countries. He has deep experience of working both in a team and on his own, and lately he’s worked as a team leader on some projects. Michail’s strongest skills are PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, frameworks, code review and deploying software. He has excellent skills in UI/UX design and front-end development.

“I spent my early childhood with my grandparents. My grandfather often took me to the garage and taught me to fix broken vehicles and other things. This largely determined my interest in learning and understanding how machinery works. Later I became greatly interested in computer technology and read a great number of scientific journals such as “Model Designer”, “Young Technician”, “Technology of Youth”, “Radio”. And when a computer appeared at home, I realized that I would connect my life with the computing profession,” says Michail.

“I got to Viaduct due to my friend who invited me here, and since that time I’ve never regretted this decision. Viaduct is an excellent team of professionals, and a stable and trustworthy company. Here I’m mostly involved in the implementation and support of projects, built on a tech stack of different technologies.  I also take active part in the development and optimization of existing products, in designing the architecture of a project with the implementation of a business model and its further development.

My favorite quotation “You have to get into a serious fight first, and there you’ll see” describes my personality very well. I’m not afraid of any challenges, and I like to try something new and unexplored. In my free time I’m fond of tourism, motor vehicles, DIY. I also like to learn new development tools and methods. I’m currently developing my skills mainly towards JavaScript.”