Bogdan's story new challenges

Please meet Bohdan Okhrymenko, our front-end engineer, whose responsibilities are mostly website layout and integrating design for websites based on WordPress. Having got a law degree and having worked in financial analytics, Bohdan decided to take a free online course at Viaduct in JavaScript, as he had always wanted to try himself in this area. The course got him very involved into a new profession and with each class he became more and more interested in this process. After completing the course, he received an offer for an internship at Viaduct, which he passed successfully and got a position of front-end engineer.

“I’ve taken a great interest in IT as everything in our life is constantly developing and never stands still,” says Bohdan. “New challenges develop us and provide an opportunity for professional growth. I’m good at JavaScript, CSS and HTML, and in the nearest future I’m going to master React and PHP. I like to acquire new knowledge and skills in this profession, and in a few years I see myself as a full-stack developer. As for my personality, I’m a humble and caring person, and I take from life all the best to the maximum, remaining human to others.”