Bikemember Effective bicycle tracking and insurance

Norway is considered one of the best places for cycling, whether a calm stroll through Fjord or an intense mountain trail, there’s something for everybody. Needless to say, lots of citizens own at least one bicycle. And of course, no one wants to have them lost or even worse - stolen. BikeMember was created in order to fight this issue.

Programming languages PHP, JavaScript
Back-end frameworks WordPress

BikeMember is a Norwegian startup company founded and managed by Ole Jørgensen. Their main goal is to minimize bicycle theft and assist in finding lost ones for their owners. By purchasing a yearly membership, you can register your bikes online, so that they get tracked in terms of ownership, making it less attractive to potential bike thieves. Not only that, but through the registry you can track all the relevant data regarding your bike (brand, model, year of production, etc.), conduct searches, transfer ownership, report the bike being stolen or found and much more.

At the start of the development, WordPress was chosen as the most optimal tool to create the site. WooCommerce and WooCommerse Subscriptions were also used. They were primarily added for the expansion of WordPress’s capabilities in the field of web commerce (products, purchases, payments, etc.), as well as the ability to work with subscription systems (creating and following subscriptions, auto-payments, etc.). Aside from these two plugins, many minor ones, as well as custom logarithms, were integrated exclusively for the project later in development.

One of the more difficult challenges during the development was the integration of multiple languages to the site. The team used WPML – one of the most powerful and popular multilingual plugins for this task The first beta was finished in about a month, but afterward, the site still had a lot of changes and updates made. Throughout the process, the team was always in contact with the client through chat and regular calls. At some point, the client even personally visited our office in order to discuss important design aspects.

The site is up and running smoothly, all wishes and budget requirements were met. Overall, BikeMember is a great platform that is currently being used by many people and is still being updated and improved.