Mejo Personalize and organize medical information about your child with ease

Keeping track of a child’s medical health record is essential, as it helps to solve a number of issues, and eliminates anxiety and fear for children and caregivers. Medical information must be personalized and organized, but not scattered across numerous medical spreadsheets or platforms.

Tech Stack PHP, Laravel, MySQL, ReactJS
Team Tetiana Kobyliakova, Michail Uryvalkin, Aliaksey Zhurauliou

Mejo is a project that can be beneficial for any caregiver. The web app looks like an electronic journal with beautiful design to fill in medical data for a child. Mejo helps personalize and organize medical information about children, which facilitates solutions to complex medical problems for caregivers.

Mejo deals with not only general medical data about a child, but some unique and detailed information about their interests that makes a child special and different from other children. A series of questions will help to extract the most relevant and key information about a child for a caregiver or a babysitter to keep close at hand.


Mejo needed a skillful team of software developers to create a web application with complex layout and generation of a PDF document for filling in medical data for a child. Mejo’s unconventional approach to organizing children’s medical information made this project very unusual, challenging and useful for Viaduct.


The Viaduct team decided to apply ReactJS framework for the front-end, and Laravel (PHP web application framework) for the back-end, MySQL database.


A group of professional designers developed a rather complex, interesting and beautiful design. Based on the customer’s layout of the web app, Viaduct’s team realized:
● the hosting for the project is Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is safe, reliable and stable for the web application;
● the functionality of registration, login/logout, password recovery;
● the possibility to share a medical journal via sms and email;
● document preview;
● the ability to download a fancy PDF document with a photo and all the necessary information about a child;
● the ability to download the document in two versions: journal and playbook with certain sections;
● a saving function “autosave” when filling in the fields in a document to eliminate the loss of medical data about a child;
● notification to the parent that the doctor has reviewed the PDF document.

The project was challenging, and the most difficult task turned out to be the generation of the PDF document and the complex layout, i.e. the correct sequence of placing blocks in a PDF document. To solve this problem, our team used React-PDF-Render (a library for creating PDF files), and developed an algorithm for the correct distribution of blocks, taking into account their height. This project gave profound and very useful experience for our developers.