Office Exchange Office Space Marketplace Gains Great Popularity

The pandemic had a strong impact on the office marketplace segment: the demand for retail and office space fell at once. For several months, people almost did not go to shopping centers, many worked remotely, lost revenue, and reduced the staff.

In the fall of 2020, some businesses began to close altogether or leave the country. And those who did not close were forced to reduce rental prices. Today office space marketplace is on standby. There has never been such an unprecedented low level of commercial real estate rent. It is very difficult to look to the future with optimism. To be sure, the commercial real estate sector is at a turning point. It’s time to transform the business in this area with the help of modern technologies and a flexible approach. A new format, that is gaining popularity today, is co-working and service offices as an alternative to classic offices.
The Office Exchange Inc. is a project for the commercial real estate rent in the United States. The idea arose at the height of the pandemic, when a lot of commercial real estate appeared on the market and it became necessary to rent out the office or part of it. The Office Exchange Inc. is a robust marketplace platform providing flexible, modern and comfortable office space solutions to the clients at an affordable rate.


Viaduct was entrusted with the task of creating a powerful marketplace platform that combines several frameworks. The project is divided into two parts: back end – API and admin panel; two front-end parts – admin panel and main web application. The tasks were as follows:

● to develop a convenient web application for ordering spaces;

● to create a convenient and simple administrative panel;

● to develop a user-friendly and adaptive interface;

● to integrate search for addresses on the map;

● to integrate a calendar to select addresses;

● to develop filtering for various places;

● to create a fast and load-optimized web application;

● to perform basic SEO optimization.


The Viaduct team took a decision to build the following stack for the project:

● to develop the front-end in React using the React-Redux library;

● to create a style in Sass;

● to use standard Laravel+Vue bundle for the admin dashboard;

● to use MySQL database.


Viaduct’s team fulfilled all the tasks assigned by the Office Exchange:

● Custom calendar was created;

● Google Maps were integrated via API;

● Sass was used for styles;

● Front-end was developed using React+Redux;

● Admin panel and API were implemented on Laravel framework;

● The front part of the administrative panel was created on VUE;

● REST API was developed to combine frontend with backend;

● JSON Web Token was used to share security information for authentication and authorization;

● The server was deployed on AWS Elastic Beanstalk make the app fault-tolerant and to optimize loading and distribution on multiple servers to maintain constant online;

● The SendGrid API was used for email templates and notifications;

● Twilio was used for SMS verification;

● STRIPE was integrated to receive payments and distribute them between accounts;

● Basic SEO optimization was created using caching and SSR.

We hope that Viaduct helped the Office Exchange create a large-scale project, which is sure to raise funding and enhance the reputation of the company.