CineMed Together we will improve the healthcare system

Healthcare is considered to be one of the most important and hotly debated social and political topics in the U.S. American citizens rank the healthcare system as the most significant issue, particularly when it comes to voting.

Amid price rise and inconsistent quality in the U.S. healthcare system, many consider competition to solve this problem and deliver better healthcare at a lower cost. Collaboration with other healthcare companies open doors to new opportunities and innovative ideas, shared goals and exchange of knowledge.

CineMed is a worldwide healthcare company, located in the U.S., that seeks multiple possible solutions for improving patient treatment through innovative training programs, medical publishing and organizing conferences in order to attract more customers for peer-to-peer collaboration.


The Viaduct team was entrusted with creating a new website for CineMed and fulfilling the following tasks:

● Creation of a new company website using HeadlessCMS;

● Integration of old and new site with Salesforce, Pardot, Stripe, Moodle;

● Migration of all products to AWS.


● Agility CMS was chosen for the new website, because it has a lot of handy content management tools, API for many languages ​​and frameworks, and fast growing community of developers, and excellent support from software engineers.
● For the implementation of the site, the choice fell on the Next.js – React framework with built-in support for SSR (server-side rendering), which allows you to perform faster page loading in the browser, and simplifies SEO optimization.
● For the new website, the Salesforce + Pardot integration takes place using built-in APIs and allows you to collect information from all forms on the site.


● staging version of the new website deployed on Vercel;

● the possibility to communicate with the company;

● apply for company courses;

● view a list of all possible courses, or register your own course;

● website integrated with Salesforce;

● Salesforce + Pardot integration;

● Agility CMS set up to edit website content, quickly create new pages from existing modules;

● functionality for automatic archiving of past courses;

website transfer to Salesforce Campaign, Contact, Lead, CompaignMember;

integration of admin panel changes to Salesforce;

● integration of Salesforce changes to admin panel;

● website integration on AWS;

● setting up Auto Deploy.