Ivan's story striving for perfection

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever” is Ivan Barabanshchykov’s main principle of life. This sociable, even-tempered and hardworking man strives for perfection in everything he does, and he will never let you down in difficult situations, completing any task in time and bringing any matter to an end.
Ivan’s an iOS engineer at Viaduct with wide experience in native development of mobile applications for Apple devices. Before going into IT, Ivan had been working as a video engineer and editing director for 10 years at various Kyiv production and film studios, creating television products and promotional materials.

“Why have I chosen IT? It’s hard to say… Probably while travelling and when I lived abroad, I realized that I wanted to be a man of the world and work on some products useful for international society. Later I decided to engage specifically in software development for Apple devices, as I always loved and used the products of this company in my professional activities in film and television production. Moreover, Apple Inc. holds a very high rank, being the industry leader,” says Ivan.

“Why have I chosen Viaduct? Well, Viaduct is a great team of good professionals and just great people with whom it’s always comfortable and pleasant to work. The company is very flexible and devoid of unnecessary corporate bureaucracy. At Viaduct I help clients bring their ideas for mobile applications into reality from scratch and improve their products. Outside work, I’m keen on travelling, cinema and information technologies. My leisure activities revolve around my work, one way or another.”