Pretty Logic Corporate website with voice control

Viaduct joined the project to design and develop the new corporate website with a blog and portfolio. The main feature and complexity of the project was voice control over the website. The task was to enhance the user experience with clean design and voice control functionality.

Tech stack WordPress, PHP, JS, Metaboxes
Team Vlad Sobko, Andrey Harmash, Aliaksey Zhurauliou

Prettylogic is a digital agency based in Vienna, Austria. For more than twenty years, the company has been providing digital solutions and many services. The Viaduct team provided our vision for Prettylogic’s business and created a clean and neat website for the company.

Voice control of websites is an innovative technology that enhances user accessibility and convenience. Using voice commands, users can navigate through webpages, perform searches, fill out forms, and interact with website elements without using traditional input devices like keyboards and mice. On the Pretty Logic website, you can try any website-related commands, such as ‘start a project’, ‘open portfolio’, ‘about’, etc.


  • creative UX/UI design;
  • admin panel developed using metaboxes;
  • inspirational showreel video and content;
  • voice control;
  • beautiful notifications and a voice wave.