Pro Home Cooks Home cooking recipes

The Pro Home Cooks channel started its activity in 2013. Mike Greenfield from Canada is one of those fortunate people, who managed to turn his hobby into a successful and prosperous business and made a career on YouTube. For this period of time Mike has made good friends with his fans on the channel sharing his love for cooking and attracted a great number of subscribers. For today there are over three and a half million followers on his YouTube channel and this number is surely growing.

Without a doubt, cooking is an art. Many people can cook delicious dishes well, but not everyone knows how to decorate it tastefully, set the table and demonstrate their culinary skills. For many of us it is luxury of having much time to cook today. Cooking is a very time-consuming and costly process.

Those who were able to turn their hobby of cooking into a business are successful people born under a lucky star. There is no need to run an expensive restaurant and deal with the staff, administration, complaints, etc. All you need is to create a YouTube channel and attract as many followers as possible using all your imagination, enthusiasm and relaxed atmosphere. To have favorable comments you should prepare nice and easy recipes or develop new ones. Just share your love for cooking with other people and enjoy this process.

Today the Pro Home Cooks channel makes, on average, according to some general estimates, over $100 thousand per annum thanks to views and playing ads. And we can make a confident prediction that the number of subscribers and profit will definitely increase in the nearest future. And to stimulate this growth it is not necessary to start a restaurant business. It is just enough to create a website for Pro Home Cooks and its followers, and continue to enjoy the process of cooking tasty and delicious dishes. And for this task Viaduct was chosen as a development team.


Pro Home Cooks needed a highly-qualified team of software developers to create the website according to their concept. To create this project, the client suggested to use the Elementor builder, but the Viaduct team were able to convince him that with further use of the website, this builder could substantially slow down the website loading speed.


The Viaduct team suggested to use WordPress to create a website. It is especially important for the client that the site should be fast and at the same time it should be possible to independently add new pages, fields, texts and images. For this solution, the team suggested using the Metabox framework.

Meta Box is a smart and functional framework that helps developers save lots of time when working with metaboxes of all kinds: posts, terms, comments, users, etc. The framework provides a huge selection of fields and many other options for each type. As a result, it allows you to create metafields of almost any complexity.

When basic functionality isn’t enough, there are extensions. For example, they allow you to create metafields not only for posts (by default), but also for users they help create elements of taxonomies, comments, or separate settings pages. Fields can be repeated and displayed as you like: as columns, tabs or groups.


The Viaduct team created a new website design for Canada’s most popular food blogger using WordPress and the MetaBox framework with React. Implementing the Pro Home Cooks platform, our developers fulfilled a number of tasks:

  • fully custom themes for CMS WordPress according to the provided design;

  • course functionality;

  • blog functionality for many recipes;

  • work with YouTube API for daily parsing of videos to the site;

  • dish cards with dynamic recipes;

  • application written and integrated into WordPress on React for personal user accounts and collecting recipes in their personal collections.