Pensioenpotje Start planning your pension today

When you are young, retirement is far from the most attractive topic to think about, associated with old age, poverty, loss of social status, etc. As a rule, only by the retirement age people begin to think about their pension. However, the sooner you start making plans for your retirement future, the higher the chances of overcoming this psychological barrier and successfully insuring yourselves in old age.

Team Tetiana Kobyliakova, Arsen Baliuk

Any citizen can count on the minimum social pension provided by the state. But in order to ensure that retirement is not stressful for you, and you can lead your usual lifestyle, you should create additional income as a financial safety cushion. And the sooner you make such an important decision, the safer and more comfortable your old age will be.

All you need is to calculate how much your pension assets can increase and you can save. Pensioenpotje guarantees to its clients that their money is invested, properly managed and controlled. Retirement experts will select the right companies for the positive long-term asset management of their clients, who are mostly entrepreneurs, freelancers and other employees. The main task of Pensioenpotje is to convince the clients to create their pension pot today so that tomorrow they can reap the benefits by using their money and changing their life for the better.


Pensioenpotje turned to Viaduct for help to build a large website with a flexible structure of pages, and attractive and easy-to-use interface. The tasks were as follows:

  • to create a large number of contact forms for communication between the client and company representatives;
  • to make informative pages with a clear user hierarchy and transitions between these pages for quick familiarization with the idea of ​​the project (customer), and constant encouragement of customers to action: ask a manager a question, send a request for a telephone consultation, send an application for familiarization or formalization of cooperation.


Viaduct’s experienced developers decided:

  • to build a WordPress website using MetaBox, which made it possible to implement each page of the site with the help of functional and flexible sections, which could be reused both on one and several pages, being able to make a unique set of data, content and settings in each section;
  • to create both normal and anchor links, the activation of which launches certain scripts that display animation / content depending on the selected link;
  • to write a large number of scripts for displaying animations and controlling their display;
  • to use the Contact Form 7 plug-in to connect clients with managers, obtain additional information for clients, and receive calculations from a calculator created by our team, depending on the entered data;
  • to create four custom post types in the WordPress admin panel to easily and dynamically change or add content to the blog and FAQ page, on which the client can see a set of three different post types separated by sections;
  • to provide the client with the ability to dynamically find the record he may need, not refreshing the page and using double filtering (selecting the record type and the record category);
  • to make dynamic search available for keywords, phrases and whole sentences;
  • to repeat all this functionality on the FAQ page, where it will be possible to see the fourth custom post type “question”, created by our team, with the same filtering and searching capabilities for asynchronous client interaction with the website;
  • to add the function to edit data for a chart written using the Chart.js library so that the number of points and the data of these points could be configured in the WP admin panel.


All the assigned tasks were successfully fulfilled by our professional team. It turned out to be a large-scale project with:

  • lots of animations using CSS and JS;
  • many sections with flexible functionality and use;
  • AJAX integration;
  • WordPress migration;
  • layout made with HTML and CSS;
  • JavaScript deposit calculator;
  • chart using the Chart.js library.