Fliit Food logistics has never been easier Food transportation is one of the most necessary industries in the world right now. The demand never stops growing and it becomes harder to keep up, especially when the process itself becomes more complex. Fliit was developed to solve this complexity and improve the B2B food logistics for both sides of the deal.
Programming languages PHP, JavaScript
Back-end frameworks WordPress

Fliit began as a startup back in 2016, as of today, the team expanded its network to over 200 regular carriers, delivering in every part of Germany and neighboring countries. But in order to achieve such results, they needed a good foundation – a web platform, where they could conduct and monitor all the deliveries as well as stay in touch with both the clients and the deliverers. For this task Viaduct was chosen as a development team.

The client had a specific vision and directions in mind when it came to the workings of the site, so most of the design was already planned ahead. Main objectives of the site were:

  • Create a network where food and transport businesses can easily interact with each other
  • Streamline the processes of food logistics: ordering, transporting, monitoring, etc
  • Make it user-friendly for easy management and functions addition
  • Detailed subscription system
  • A blog for communications

The team decided to use WordPress as the basis. The development progressed smoothly, aside from a minor delay during the work on the subscription page. But overall, the site came out both efficient and easy to use, allowing for quick and painless additions in the future, if ever needed.
Overall, the site is working well, all the requirements were met. According to AgFunder News, by 2019 Fliit was processing deliveries totaling 20,000 pallets per month across Germany. Their top clients include Berlin-based meal kit company, Hello Fresh, produce supplier MSG Frucht, a restaurant chain L’Osteria and many more.