Essilor Protect the health of your eyes

Eyes are the mirror of the soul. Thanks to the ability to see, a person has the opportunity to perceive life in bright colors. With poor eyesight, it is difficult to improve eye health. That is why it is essential to protect vision from the earliest childhood. After all, there is nothing more precious than the happy healthy eyes of a child. A prerequisite for good health and full development of a child is good vision.

Tech Stack WordPress, PHP, JS, Metaboxes, WooCommerce, Polylang, Stripe
Team Andrey Harmash, Aliaksey Zhurauliou

Essilor Vision Foundation Canada (a charity organization) collaborate in close partnership with Essilor Canada to achieve their common goals:
• to raise people’s awareness on the opportunity of improving their poor vision;
• to propose the latest lens technology, instruments, protective equipment, intelligent and innovative solutions to people of all ages;
• to help adults and children to cure blindness and have proper eyesight;
• to create assistance and training programs, run by optical professionals;
• to undertake a broad range of donation activities for underprivileged people and children, focusing on eye protection and eliminating poor vision and its consequences.


Essilor Vision Foundation Canada needed a team of skilled software developers to create a successful website which would provide eye care professionals with relevant information, and serve as a donation system for people and children with vision problems. They turned to the Viaduct team for help to fulfil the following tasks:
to implement the website according to a pre-created and agreed layout;
to write a convenient donation integration in WooCommerce, without using unnecessary plugins.


Viaduct turned out to be the very team that helped Essilor realize their idea and build a unique website, which is intended to help disadvantaged people and children improve their eyesight, provide them the opportunity to work and study, and live life to the fullest. Our team offered a combination of WordPress, Metaboxes, Polylang and WooCommerce stack to create a donation website for Essilor Vision Foundation Canada.


The website was successfully built. The Viaduct team managed to:
• create a complex adaptive design according to the given layout;
• realize the blog functionality;
• develop our own extension for donation custom integration in WooCommerce;
• create the website with multilingualism (English and French);
• integrate payment systems such as Stripe, PayPal, Apple & Google Pay;
• develop all the logic of the admin panel on the Metabox framework, which allows the client to easily make changes to the website and update the information at any time without software developers’ help.