Andrew the QA sky’s the limit

Andrew is our QA engineer responsible for testing and quality control of tasks performed by the team. He graduated from the National University of Food Technologies with a Master’s degree as “Automation Control Engineer”. Purposeful, pragmatic, responsible and sociable Andrew follows his life’s motto “Sky’s the limit”, sets goals for himself and successfully accomplishes them.

“At first I got a degree of an engineer of automated control systems and worked in the main specialty for some time. And as I have always been interested in modern technologies, I made up my mind to attempt a career in IT, as this industry opens up much greater prospects for both professional growth and personal development. Moreover, I have a lot of acquaintances and friends, who work in this field. So a number of reasons, together with my desire for self-realization, pushed me to come into this profession. I like to solve interesting, non-standard and complex challenges. I’m always in search of patterns and guided by logic,” says Andrew.

“I’ve chosen Viaduct for its tight-knit creative team and active working atmosphere, a high degree of freedom and responsibility. These are ideal conditions for me to realize my personal potential. Despite the fact that I’m good at QA Automation, I like to hone my skills, and additionally I study JavaScript testing framework libraries. I have a strong knowledge of client-server architecture, database, data structure and basic algorithms, test design techniques and testing theory. In spite of my busy working routine, I try to find some time for outdoor activities and sports, I’m always ready to try something new like dancing or motorcycling, and I love travelling.”