Tetiana’s story live and learn

Tetiana works in the position of front-end engineer at Viaduct. She’s a sociable, polite, well-organized and responsible person with positive mindset and good communication skills. She’s open to new things and loves the process of learning. “Lifelong learning” is the motto of her life.

Tetiana graduated from the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University with a Master’s Degree in special pedagogy (speech pathology), and she has great experience working as a speech therapist teacher in the special and inclusive education. She helped many children to cope with speech problems. Tetiana actively supports the idea of implementation of inclusive education in Ukraine. Moreover, she considers it important to take into account accessibility for people with disabilities when developing websites.

So, how Tetiana got into IT? “In the modern world you can master several professions. IT attracted me by the fact that it’s a dynamically developing field that requires a constant learning process to master new skills,” says Tetiana. “The online learning platform Prometheus (CS50) in 2020 was the starting point when I got carried away with computer programming and discovered other resources for self-study. Then I decided to systematize my knowledge, and in 2020 I took a “GoIT” course to study front-end and full stack development (HTML, CSS, Java Script, React, Node JS). In the nearest future I’d like to learn React Native and become a senior front-end developer. Apart from my interest in IT, I’m also keen on neuropsychology, behavioral economics and nature walks.”