Yana's story: live and learn

“It always seems impossible until it is done” is Yana’s motto, who holds the position of Partner Relationship Manager at Viaduct. She graduated from Francisk Skorina Gomel State University (the Faculty of Foreign Languages) and now she’s a teacher of English and German with a bachelor’s degree. During her studies, she participated in different activities and has more than 10 scientific articles under her belt. Working at school as an English teacher, she began to be interested in the IT industry and anything relevant to it in one way or another.

“Having got acquainted with Viaduct’s representatives and their team, the fire of desire to plunge into a new world of information technologies, to acquire new knowledge and skills in IT, sales and marketing brightly lit up in my eyes. Live and learn! This motto haunts many of us throughout our lives,” says Yana. “I like Guy Debord’s quote “Work is only justified by leisure time. To admit the emptiness of leisure time is to admit the impossibility of life”. That’s why in my spare time I like to squeeze everything out of life and test myself for strength. I like paragliding, diving, outdoor go-karting and quests. Something new always inspires in me a thirst for life.”

As a highly motivated and purposeful person, Yana will help you understand the implementation of your ideas and assist in the technological area of development, where Viaduct team will do everything possible at the highest level.