Iryna’s story it’s hard and cool to be happy

Please, meet Iryna, project manager at Viaduct, whose responsibilities include project management, negotiations with customers, control over the quality and timely fulfillment of the developers’ work duties. Iryna is a very goal-oriented person with unique experience in various fields. She graduated from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Faculty of Philosophy with a master’s degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies. Besides, she completed the Korean language course at Yonsei University in Seoul and successfully passed the language proficiency examinations. Iryna made her first international company at the age of 24 (print magazine), worked with Korean stars, opened an international modeling agency.

 “I believe that a person is able to realize any goals, ambitions and desires. It’s easy to be miserable. Being happy is tougher and cooler. I love movement and constant development,” says Iryna. “My dream is to write and publish my own book. I got to Viaduct on my friends’ recommendation. I had to close my business after the war started. In addition, I have long wanted to move into a more technological and rapidly developing field, where I can realize all my potentials. At Viaduct, I like the variety of projects and tasks, as well as an interesting and friendly young team. In my work, I have many challenges, both professional and personal, and one of them is to become a senior project manager. In addition to work, I am fond of video games, photography, and crypto.