Vlad's story experiment and improvise

Please meet our UI/UX designer Vlad, who is responsible for creating a design system at Viaduct. He’s a freelancer with 8 years of experience in brand creation, the last 4 of which he has also been working with IT projects. Vlad graduated from the Kyiv State Institute of Decorative Arts and Design named after M. Boychuk with a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design and art. Moreover, Vlad took a great number of courses in art direction and graphic design. His life motto “Experiment with improvisation goes hand in hand, and is always welcome” describes him well as a personality.

Vlad says, “Since yearly childhood I dreamt of becoming an inventor, then an artist, and in the end combining these two professions I decided to become a designer. At the age of 4 I looked at various toys that I didn’t have and invented my own toys and games instead. I showed them to everyone and called them “my experiment”. My key interests today are graphic and web design, identity, packaging, 3D modeling, marketing and brand strategy. Assisting different companies in creating new brands, I dream of becoming an art director and having my own studio. Moreover, recently I have been interested in IT, as for me it is just another way of implementing my ideas. You can create an IT project from a paper book. If you can dream it, so you can do it. The only impossible dream or idea is the one you never begin to implement. So the main interests of my life are to dream, create and realize my own projects. There is a powerful driving force inside each of us that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality. By nature, I’m an experimenter, dreamer, nerd, deeply wrapped up in the matter, esthete, hedonist and a little absent-minded person.”