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Since 24 Feb

The invasion of russian military forces on February 24 into the territory of Ukraine split our lives into before and after. We realized how fragile our world is and how carefully it needs to be protected. Today we live in a state of full-scale war, and this is a very difficult and painful time for the Ukrainian people. Cities are being destroyed, people are living in constant danger and under psychological pressure.
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Our new reality

We have been forced to accept this new reality. In the face of the most difficult challenges, we have ever had to overcome in our life, Viaduct does not reduce the staff and maintains all current business relations with partners in the conditions of remote work. We have reorganized workflows, adapted to these circumstances, and are looking for new opportunities and projects to strengthen Viaduct’s business activity.
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In such a reality we do not lose heart. We firmly believe that we will stand to the end, endure and overcome all the hardships of life. Ukraine will become a united, monolithic and free state. Collaborating with us, you make an invaluable contribution to Viaduct’s activity. Thank you for your help and support in these hard times. It means the world to us.
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