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This free course is about

If you are a university graduate or you want to change your profession, have a good command of English and like to communicate with people, this course is just for you. We will share with you the secrets of being a successful IT sales manager, working with real-life cases. Moreover, after completing the course, you will have the opportunity to get a job at Viaduct.
Sales in IT
12 Nov - 5 Dec
  • About Us. World IT industry. Outsourcing. Outsourcing company structure.
  • Sales in IT. Sales departments. Sales cycle. Business development. SMM. Communication tools and main platforms: Facebook, UpWork, LinkedIN.
  • IT delivery: structure, technological stack, product types (custom sites, online stores, payment systems, mobile applications for Android/iOS).
12 Nov - 5 Dec
Practice and Onboarding
5 Dec - 16 Dec
  • Pre-sale: sales lead sources, teamwork, search for similar cases, business analysis, assessment.
  • American market and customers. Anglo-Saxon business ethics.
  • Real-life examples of work with American clients and on UpWork.
5 Dec - 16 Dec

It will give you an opportunity

To understand the development and sales process in IT.
To improve your skills in business communication and correspondence in English.
To attract new customers and build relationships with them.

Our Lecturers

Anton Kudashov
Founder and CEO at Viaduct
With experience in software development, e-commerce entrepreneurship, and project management.
Aliaksei Zhurauliou
Project manager at Viaduct
Professor at Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture.


Yana Naryshkina
“I am a graduate of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. In May 2021, I received an offer to try myself in an absolutely new field for myself – the world of IT. And of course I agreed! At that moment, I had no idea how far that could go. In any case – those, who do not take risks, they do not drink champagne, and I love champagne! I contacted Aliaksei Zhurauliou, who is a project manager at Viaduct, sent him my “skimpy” resume and later he set up a Zoom meeting, which, by the way, went super smoothly and positively. All that fear and excitement that I had experienced the day before – evaporated in a minute. As a result, I was invited for the course “Sales in IT”, which was very informative and educational. To be honest, this sphere for me was a most incomprehensible and unknown. After our classes questions like “What? How? Why?” accompanied me all day long. But it was worth it! Now I am already an employee at Viaduct, working in the position of Partner Relationship Manager, and I am really very happy. The management is very responsive, always ready to help me when I experience difficulties. Every day I learn something new, grow professionally, and I really like it.”
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Ekaterina Novikova
“At the end of June 2021, I had the chance to take a free course "Sales in IT" at Viaduct Academy. Aliaksei (Project Manager) and Anton (CEO) were our mentors. For two weeks we studied outsourcing, the sales cycle in IT, where to find a client, what kind of letters to write, studied such social networks as Upwork, LinkedIn, Facebook and many other issues. As a person with a non-technical background, it was quite interesting for me to learn something new and widen my professional horizons. The course was very informative, the mentors always answered all our questions, and helped us during and after the course. After successful completion of the course, I was offered a job position. Now I am a part of the team at Viaduct and work in the sales department as Partner Relationship Manager.”
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