Python is famous for its lightness, conciseness, reliability, power, and multitasking, making it a favorite among software engineers. In terms of its popularity, it has been the industry leader since the early 2000s. Python is a high-level, dynamic scripting programming language that is used to create software, build websites from the ground up, and solve complex automation and data collection issues.

Today Python is in high demand due to its versatility and readability, its simple and concise syntax, and the significant number of frameworks and libraries that are included. It is used in almost all areas of the tech industry, the main of which are web development, data science, machine learning, application and website development, mobile games, bots, and much more. It is also used for data storage and cloud-based services.

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The Python language is recommended as a first language for beginners to programming, since writing code takes less time in Python, compared to other languages. It is widely applied in testing, and capable of creating artificial intelligence, and calculating a large matrix in a few lines of code, which allows you to easily automate routine or large-scale processes.

Python is so ubiquitous today, that it would be easier to list where this programming language has not been used yet. Its universality and flexibility greatly contributes to its popularity. Therefore, it is used by many IT companies, and Viaduct is no exception. Today, many companies are looking for highly-experienced Python developers. And we can say with confidence that the demand for such specialists will grow steadily in the coming years.