Online Meetings


Since most of us have been working from home for over a year now due to the coronavirus (Covid-19), everyone has become accustomed to the fact that more work meetings take place online. Social distancing and self-isolation have made online briefings a necessity for running business. Globally, companies have switched to nearly 100% online communications and remote work for their employees. Here are some tips that we have found successful here at Viaduct, to help get the most out of online briefings, meetings and workshops:

● Check the system before the meeting. If you are leading a meeting, log in 5-10 minutes early to check that everything is working properly (sound, video, camera) and that you are prepared for the session. You can also request that your colleagues join the meeting a couple minutes early as well, to do the same.

● Fill the meeting with your positive energy to create an inviting environment. At the beginning, ask a few questions to the participants that are not related to the topic of discussion, which will allow you to establish authentic interaction amongst the team.

● Make sure that you clearly define the agenda beforehand and have sufficient information about the issues to be discussed. If your meeting will be accompanied by a presentation, make sure the presentation itself meets all the rules and requirements for its creation. And remember to turn on screen sharing for everyone during the briefing.

● Avoid dead silence. On the contrary, try to involve participants in the discussion of current issues and tasks so that everyone can be engaged and get the most out of this meeting.

● Control the pace, stick to the agenda, and plan sufficient time for the session, because an online meeting, as practice shows, can take much more time than an offline meeting.

● At the end of the meeting, thank everyone for their participation. After the gathering, send a follow-up email to all participants summarizing the results of the meeting, and reminding them of the tasks and decisions made.

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It should be remembered that the effectiveness and success of online meetings will depend on careful preparation and strict adherence to the agenda. When organized properly, online sessions can be just as engaging and productive as office meetings.