Online Job Interview


Undoubtedly, today’s pandemic has brought significant changes to the lifestyle of millions of people and dictates new conditions for working and hiring employees. People have massively started working in a remote format, and job interviews are conducted online. The trend has taken hold, and now the offer to interview candidates online does not surprise anyone, and there are many technical opportunities for this. But just to captivate an employer or a recruiter with your personal charm and charisma in such a setting is usually more difficult than when contacted personally. Let’s figure out how to properly prepare for an online interview, what their peculiarities are, and how to pass it with success, honor and dignity.

At first glance, an online interview seems easier than face-to-face communication in the employer’s office. But the selection process has become more subjective as employers and recruiters pay much attention to the appearance of the candidate, his emotional state and behavior, the apartment décor, and anything else that can be seen through the web camera of your laptop.

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● Prepare the software, set up the camera, check the quality of the connection and lighting in the room. Choose and prepare your work place. Do not be late for an online meeting. Turn off your mobile phone and provide silence.

● Think about the visual background and your appearance in advance. Clothes must meet the requirements for the image of a specialist of your profile. The clothing style of an office worker should be formal business (if it is not a creative profession).

● Prepare supporting materials (CV, portfolio, cheat sheets, a notebook, and a pen). Carefully consider your answers to the employer’s possible questions. To be confident during an online interview, you should rehearse in advance by preparing the text, working out the answers and recording yourself on a video camera. If the situation does not require the applicant to make a detailed presentation of his skills, abilities, achievements, try to talk about yourself briefly and concisely, saving both the recruiter’s and your own time.

● Do not worry, and take control of your mind and emotions. During the interview, behave naturally, show courtesy and goodwill, and smile. Do not gesture or touch your face with your hands. Speak clearly, confidently, calmly. Do not interrupt, take breaks. Not only the appearance, but also the voice and words help to make a positive impression on the interviewer when communicating online. Look at the camera, not at the monitor screen, which will allow you to create the effect of eye contact.

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At the end of the conversation, thank the employer for the meeting and ask when you can meet again or contact to find out the result of the interview. In order to pass the online interview successfully and get the job of your dream, give careful thought to the whole preparation process. Rehearse and show your interest, good organization, and friendliness, so that the recruiter will know that you are the ideal candidate for this job position.