Business Collaboration

2022 for the Viaduct team is full of memorable meetings with our business partners, upcoming projects and new challenges. Just a month ago, Aliaksei Zhurauliou (COO) met with Cecily Trujillo (PM) from BeanMachine in Germany, and on September 9-12 Aliaksei had another meeting with Robyn Ong (CEO) and Anthony Grivet (CTO) (business partners from the USA) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Our Ukrainian colleagues from the Habitat design agency, who have been working productively and successfully with both BeanMachine and Viaduct for several years, also joined us. During the meeting our companies discussed many topical issues, our current projects, time tracking and adherence to project deadlines, further team expansion, improved communication, and much more. In addition to the official part of the meeting, we visited the Van Gogh Museum, Heineken’s historic brewery, and admired the beauties of Amsterdam. The business gathering left an indelible impression on all of us, inspired us to new projects and further joint work and cooperation. We can’t wait for the next meeting, only in Ukraine!