Sales in IT


Sales is a popular, high-growth area in IT. As retail software is becoming more complex, there is a growing need for IT sales professionals in this domain. An IT sales manager is a specialist responsible for searching for new customers and presenting them with the company’s offerings of products, services, and solutions. The main tasks of a Sales Manager are to solicit new customers, and communicate with current paying clients, to ensure they have the right software products to satisfy their business needs. The Sales Manager is often the “face” of the company, and will need to be skilled in communication and negotiation tactics, in order to secure commercial contracts.

Today, anyone has a chance to successfully learn to become an IT sales professional. The main thing is not to be afraid to start from scratch. In sales, it is important to have flexible thinking and the ability to listen to people, communicate effectively, negotiate, and make timely decisions. For an IT sales manager, it’s a must to be fluent in a foreign language (preferably English), understand the subject of sales, have a minimum understanding of the technologies and processes of software development, and know the market.

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Viaduct Academy, realizing the importance, complexity, and promising prospects of this profession in the nearest future, has developed a curriculum for those people who are eager to master this new profession. Viaduct is ready to nurture its specialists in this area and offers a free “Sales in IT” course, upon completion of which, any young specialist has the opportunity to become a member of the Viaduct team. As part of the course “Sales in IT” our mentors explain such important issues as outsourcing, sales cycles, communication tools and platforms, technological stacks, and product types. Moreover, in the second part of the course our students have a great opportunity to apply all the theoretical material into practice by working with real cases. Thanks to our last summer’s “Sales in IT” course, we invited 4 out of 10 students to the team. And today they are successfully working at Viaduct as sales professionals.