The Importance of English in IT

The Viaduct team is well aware of the fact that today you cannot get anywhere
in international business without competent English skills. That is why many
members of our team have English linguistics and business educations. English is
considered to be the major IT language. You can be a professional expert or even a
genius in information technologies, but without English proficiency you will not be
able to move up the career ladder and achieve your desired heights. Moreover, an
advanced level of English will lead you not only to better pay, but provide you with
other great benefits.
So why English, but not other foreign languages? No doubt, it will be a great
advantage for you to have a good command of other languages as well. But English is
a must, because it is widely spoken all over the world. It is the universal language of
not only IT, but of international relations, diplomacy, negotiations, science, tourism,
aircraft industries, and the Internet. English is the basic language for IT, as most
specific computer terms and collocations are borrowed from this language (it is rich in
technical vocabulary). About 30% of internet users fluently speak English. All
programming languages, websites, and mobile apps are published in English, which
only enhances the importance and dominance of this language.
English is essential not only for IT, but also for business as well. Both IT and
business constitute the backbone of world commerce. Today IT companies actively
practice recruiting people who reside overseas, which is called outsourcing or
offshoring. For many developers it is a great chance to find a well-paid job in IT
somewhere abroad. And English is again vital for collaboration at the foreign
workplace. It presents lucrative and fascinating capabilities for IT specialists.
Well, and in order to finally convince all of you to learn English, let’s approach
this issue from another side. In addition to opening up placement opportunities in IT
domain, English proficiency will help us better express ourselves and make us
“smarter”. We should always keep our memory’s capacity in practice by exercising it
regularly. Memorizing English words and associating them in a certain way will help
us develop long-lasting memory and imagination. Learning English will enhance our
analytical and cognitive abilities, as the process of learning involves a lot of mental
Do not lose the opportunity today to study English. This will only benefit you,
and may bring you closer to achieving your career and life goals. So, this decision is
now up to you!