Women in IT

Nowadays, digital technologies are present in almost every aspect of our lives. We all rely on technology, regardless of race, age, or gender. Yet, the technology workforce is still predominantly male. According to the latest media statistics, only 30% of women work in the information and communication sector, with 25% in computing, 12% in artificial intelligence and only 6% in software development. And women are more likely to leave IT jobs twice as often than men. So what are the reasons? Why aren’t there more women in IT domain? Why are women still a minority in IT? The IT and digital industry is known to be a rapidly expanding and challenging environment that is complex and exciting. Today, a number of issues related to female discrimination are raised in the technical and computing industry, and women in IT are not so sought after as men. No doubt, there are a number of scientifically proven psychological and physiological aspects that distinguish women from men. Both sexes have different patterns of perception and ability. But do these differences give the right for companies to discriminate against women in IT? Men and women can work together and complement each other’s strengths.
However, there are still many problems that women face in technical professions today. They often feel isolation, along with a lack of support and confidence. They feel the injustice of unequal pay and lack of promotion opportunities at work. Females are sometimes believed to lack the necessary skills and experience to be successful in IT. In some cases, parents may affect their children’s choice of choosing IT as their future career. And the curriculum in schools, colleges and universities are not always tailored to attract, encourage, and retain more females in IT. Tech jobs could be made more appealing to women if companies organized various conferences, collaborations and practical tasks in order to make the computing environment for women more hospitable.
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It is very important for women working in IT to feel a part of the team from the very beginning. When they really feel welcomed, they will work to their fullest for their favorite team toward the company’s goals. Many females in IT love the problem-solving aspect of the job. It is fun to work with new technologies. For women the most popular job positions in IT are user experience designers and product managers. Women tend to be innovative and curious about everything that is new and unexplored, which makes them a great fit for the technology world. Pouring that enthusiasm and passion into IT will help females grow both personally and professionally. The Viaduct team knows better than anyone else that success of any business depends on the values the company upholds. Through our corporate practices, we support women in the IT domain. We are convinced that by providing equal opportunities to both male and female colleagues, we give everyone a chance to make their dreams come true and realize their true potential in this exciting career.